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Perhaps this explains the GOP's fears [Nov. 8th, 2008|07:36 pm]
Minnesota Politics


Upon examination of the precinct-by-precinct election return data from the Secretary of State's website, there are a couple interesting things to note:

1. When you proportionately adjust the number of votes for each candidate in the Senate race so that all precincts have at least as many votes in the Senate race as in the presidential race, Franken wins by a little over 1,000 votes.

2. Of the 20 precincts with the largest difference between presidential votes and Senate votes with more votes for president, six are in Minneapolis and four are in St. Paul. One precinct in Winona has the largest discrepancy in the state at 120 votes, and there are several other precincts in Winona County with relatively large discrepancies. Other large discrepancies were found in certain precincts in Stearns County, and another in Otsego, located in Wright County.

3. For the second straight election, Michele Bachman polled a lesser percentage in Senate District 52, the Senate district she represented for six years before moving to Congress, than in the 6th Congressional district as a whole. She polled 45.777% in District 52 compared to 46.406% overall. El Tinklenberg polled 44.606% in District 52 compared to 43.434% overall.

[User Picture]From: perruche_verte
2008-11-09 02:13 am (UTC)
Count 'em. Count every vote.

Norm and his lawyers have been showing an attitude that is positively unsenatorial. I don't believe for a second he'd concede if it were this close.

Honestly, I would feel the same way about this and demand the same rigor if it had been Franken who came in ahead by a hair. I don't want anyone to win that way unless it's the honest-to-god will of the voters.
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