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Funny Business in Minnesota - Minnesota Politics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Minnesota Politics

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Funny Business in Minnesota [Jan. 5th, 2009|11:44 pm]
Minnesota Politics


Funny Business in Minnesota

"Thanks to the machinations of Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and a meek state Canvassing Board, Mr. Franken may emerge as an illegitimate victor."


[User Picture]From: goldfish_totem
2009-01-06 07:36 am (UTC)
I take The Wall Street Journal with a grain of salt. I also am so glad this race is not in the hands of the corrupt and out of touch former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer. When the Secretary of State race was occuring, I coordinated a nonpartisan candidate forum. Kiffmeyer could be nowhere to be found and RSVPed AFTER the fact (on a Saturday and a Jewish holiday) that she couldn't make it. No explanation, no apology, nothing. Apparently she had a habit of not showing up to forums or debates. Ritchie on the other hand was kind on the phone, and yes, HE was the one answering and returning the calls, and no, he had no idea what my political beliefs were. Anyway, I think Ritchie is doing a great job as our Secretary of State and I think that article is a crock. Coleman was egotistical enough to claim victory immediately, was afraid of a recount, and didn't want to count absentee ballots.
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